Guide to Dropping out of Campus and Starting a Business

job2More and more young people are dropping out of college every day to start their businesses. For a long time now, the modern education is blamed for this continued trend among the younger generation. The institutions have made education to appear as a game for the smartest in academic knowledge, without considering the poor graspers in classroom content. In this guide, we look at the key reasons that make a student drop out and chase after their business dreams, be it startup business, mulching, freelancing, or whichever kind of venture.

  1. Skills are better than a degree

You will agree with me that the world needs productive skills other than mere academic credentials. Most desperate job seekers out there have the best college qualifications, yet the poor performers have already secured lucrative jobs. Why? Skills are way better than mere academic papers Continue reading “Guide to Dropping out of Campus and Starting a Business”

The Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation during a Job Interview

dosSalary negotiation is the trickiest part of any job interview. A job seeker is afraid of quoting a high figure that would give the employer an impression of greed. A small value might indicate the lack of confidence in the job position. However, salary negotiation does not have to be a mystery, follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts and be assured to make the right salary quote.

The Dos

  1. Do your research

Salaries vary depending on the field and industry. It will be worth having an extensive research on the average compensation as pertains to your area. You can also talk to people in this industry or career experts who can conduct a thorough research for you. With this in mind, you are sure to give the appropriate salary quote to the recruiter. Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation during a Job Interview”

How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter

Cover letterAlthough mostly brushed off, a cover letter is a vital document that should always accompany the resume during a job application. In fact, the only time you do not need to send the cover letter is when the job application explicitly instructs you not to. The most important thing is putting your ideas in order and expressing yourself to win the sympathy and attention of your potential employers. This calls for the crafting of a good cover letter that stands out above your competitors. So, how do you jot down an eye-catching cover letter?

  1. Introduce yourself

Now, your introduction does not mean writing down something like “My name is Peter.” It means writing your address details. Clearly write your official names and your mobile number. Ensure the phone number you give is convenient for you. No need to give a home phone number, yet the potential employer might call when you are away. You can also indicate your email address, but there is no need for your postal details. Below your contact information, indicate the employer’s name, their position in the company, the company name, and the contact information. Continue reading “How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter”

Top 10 Most Marketable Skills Every Employer Is Looking For

unspecifiedAs the job market continue to become more competitive each new day and the rate of unemployment raising every new hour, employers are demanding more and more from prospective job seekers. Whether you are still in college, just graduated, looking for a new job or want to change your career, this article is for you. Many skills are needed in the job market and exhausting all of them may be a tough task. However, there are some that are in high demand in various job markets. Below is a compiled list of the top 10 skills that will market you as you look for that dream job.

  1. Communication skills

The most sought skill by most employers is the ability to communicate well. Strong communication skills whether verbal, non-verbal, listening or in the written form are vital for you to excel in any job. In case you realize you are poor in one of the above, regular practice can perfect it. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Marketable Skills Every Employer Is Looking For”

8 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA

An image of a road to the horizon with text careerMillions of students are pursuing an MBA each year. The course is quite expensive, demanding and requires high entry requirements. However, despite these factors the course has continuously become the most sought among many individuals in the business industry. So, why should you pursue this competitive course?

  1. To broaden your view of the business world

You might be a holder of the most coveted first class honors in your first degree. However, it is after enrolling for an MBA course that you will be amazed of the tons of business information that you do not know. An MBA will not only broaden your mind to the world of business but also act as an eye opener to the many business opportunities out there. Continue reading “8 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA”

7 Reasons Why Candidates Fail In a Job Interview

job chancesHave you ever wondered why one might have the best academic credentials, right skills and relevant work experience for an advertised position and yet miss on a clear job opportunity at their disposal? Have you attended hundreds of job interviews without excelling on any? Right, the problem could be with the wrong impression you make to the potential employers. Here, we shall look at the reasons that have made you an interview failure for the longest time.

  1. Dressing unprofessionally

Your dressing style plays a significant role in the interview process in terms of presentability to the interviewing panel. It is the first impression that silently tells the interviewer loads about you. Find out beforehand the preferred dressing code of the prospective company so as to choose the right clothes to wear on the D-day. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why Candidates Fail In a Job Interview”

Top 10 Tips on How to Remain Upbeat During a Job Hunt

jobWhether you are looking for agricultural-related tasks such as mulching, soil testing, etc or the most advanced internet entrepreneurship tasks such as freelancing, job hunting can be a daunting experience especially with the picky nature of the present potential employers. The media and friends can de-motivate you by stating that job seeking is all but a game of luck. However, the worst scenario would be to let yourself get carried away by the negative comments. This article focuses on ways to help you keep positive even as the situation keeps getting tougher.

  1. Feel good about yourself

No one can make you feel better than yourself. You might be going through a trying and challenging time in your life due to joblessness. However, demotivating yourself will do you more harm than good. Feel good about the lessons you keep learning each day of your job hunt. Aim at improving the weaknesses and keep up with the strengths. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips on How to Remain Upbeat During a Job Hunt”

All You Need To Know Regarding Recruitment Agencies

employment-agencyRecruitment agencies act as a medium between the employer and the job seeker. The agency’s primary role is to source for qualified individuals who are most suited for the advertised position and then recommend them to the organization.

How do the recruiting agencies work?

Recruiting firms follow a systematic process. The process begins with an organization sending the job description of the vacant position to the recruiting office. The company clearly states the particular posts and the level of qualifications they need for the various roles.

Continue reading “All You Need To Know Regarding Recruitment Agencies”

7 Important Job Searching Tips You Need to Use to Boost Your Chances of Being Recruited

The significant irony in job search advice is that there are so many available pieces of advice that you don’t need to spend more than three seconds researching on the web, before you land on some important nuggets of wisdom related to job search. Career coaches all dwell on resumes, interviewing techniques and networking. The big question is how do real people get employment in this tight job market?

Tips for Successful Job Hunting

To be successful as a job seeker, you need to be patient, calm and proactive and try any or all of these highlighted tips.

  1. Pick and Choose Your Targets

You need to put your time and efforts on all opportunities that interest you as they present the best chance for you’re to get a job opportunity. You need to narrow down all your options and focus on those areas that interest you most. Additionally, pick a few companies that interest you and focus on initiatives that increase your chances of being chosen. Continue reading “7 Important Job Searching Tips You Need to Use to Boost Your Chances of Being Recruited”

How to Prepare for an Interview and Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Job interviews provide a great avenue to grow your career. They are a platform through which a company determines whether or not to hire you. It is thus crucial to prepare well for your interview to ensure that you get the job.

Preparation for a job interview should cover physical, mental as well as emotional aspects. Physically, you must make efforts to appear presentable before your interviewing panel and also prepare all the material that you deem necessary for the interview. Mental preparations will entail researching about the organization and the job at hand while emotional preparations should include building your morale and esteem so that you can confidently face the panel.

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Interviews

Unfortunately, many people lose job opportunities because of avoidable mistakes. The list below expounds on seven critical mistakes that can cost you the career opportunity of your lifetime. Continue reading “How to Prepare for an Interview and Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid”