Guide to Dropping out of Campus and Starting a Business

job2More and more young people are dropping out of college every day to start their businesses. For a long time now, the modern education is blamed for this continued trend among the younger generation. The institutions have made education to appear as a game for the smartest in academic knowledge, without considering the poor graspers in classroom content. In this guide, we look at the key reasons that make a student drop out and chase after their business dreams, be it startup business, mulching, freelancing, or whichever kind of venture.

  1. Skills are better than a degree

You will agree with me that the world needs productive skills other than mere academic credentials. Most desperate job seekers out there have the best college qualifications, yet the poor performers have already secured lucrative jobs. Why? Skills are way better than mere academic papers Continue reading “Guide to Dropping out of Campus and Starting a Business”

The Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation during a Job Interview

dosSalary negotiation is the trickiest part of any job interview. A job seeker is afraid of quoting a high figure that would give the employer an impression of greed. A small value might indicate the lack of confidence in the job position. However, salary negotiation does not have to be a mystery, follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts and be assured to make the right salary quote.

The Dos

  1. Do your research

Salaries vary depending on the field and industry. It will be worth having an extensive research on the average compensation as pertains to your area. You can also talk to people in this industry or career experts who can conduct a thorough research for you. With this in mind, you are sure to give the appropriate salary quote to the recruiter. Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation during a Job Interview”

How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter

Cover letterAlthough mostly brushed off, a cover letter is a vital document that should always accompany the resume during a job application. In fact, the only time you do not need to send the cover letter is when the job application explicitly instructs you not to. The most important thing is putting your ideas in order and expressing yourself to win the sympathy and attention of your potential employers. This calls for the crafting of a good cover letter that stands out above your competitors. So, how do you jot down an eye-catching cover letter?

  1. Introduce yourself

Now, your introduction does not mean writing down something like “My name is Peter.” It means writing your address details. Clearly write your official names and your mobile number. Ensure the phone number you give is convenient for you. No need to give a home phone number, yet the potential employer might call when you are away. You can also indicate your email address, but there is no need for your postal details. Below your contact information, indicate the employer’s name, their position in the company, the company name, and the contact information. Continue reading “How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter”

Top 10 Most Marketable Skills Every Employer Is Looking For

unspecifiedAs the job market continue to become more competitive each new day and the rate of unemployment raising every new hour, employers are demanding more and more from prospective job seekers. Whether you are still in college, just graduated, looking for a new job or want to change your career, this article is for you. Many skills are needed in the job market and exhausting all of them may be a tough task. However, there are some that are in high demand in various job markets. Below is a compiled list of the top 10 skills that will market you as you look for that dream job.

  1. Communication skills

The most sought skill by most employers is the ability to communicate well. Strong communication skills whether verbal, non-verbal, listening or in the written form are vital for you to excel in any job. In case you realize you are poor in one of the above, regular practice can perfect it. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Marketable Skills Every Employer Is Looking For”