7 Reasons Why Candidates Fail In a Job Interview

job chancesHave you ever wondered why one might have the best academic credentials, right skills and relevant work experience for an advertised position and yet miss on a clear job opportunity at their disposal? Have you attended hundreds of job interviews without excelling on any? Right, the problem could be with the wrong impression you make to the potential employers. Here, we shall look at the reasons that have made you an interview failure for the longest time.

  1. Dressing unprofessionally

Your dressing style plays a significant role in the interview process in terms of presentability to the interviewing panel. It is the first impression that silently tells the interviewer loads about you. Find out beforehand the preferred dressing code of the prospective company so as to choose the right clothes to wear on the D-day.

  1. Getting late for interview

No employer wants unpunctual employees. Lateness gives the interviewer the impression that, if you cannot keep time when seeking for a job, what of when you secure the post? It will definitely be worse. Arriving early for your job interview also eases your tension and anxieties ensuring you are well composed when the interviewer calls on you. The rule of the thumb is, the interviewer should never arrive before you. Nevertheless, don’t go too early. One hour before the interview time is always ideal.

  1. Vague and misleading answers

Interviewers have vast experience in what they do. They are capable of seeing deep in you as you give your answers. Vague and dishonest answers make an interviewer lose interest in a job seeker. Honesty is the best policy. Be honest with yourself and leave the rest to the interviewer. When you get employment in a dishonest way, sustaining the same lie after employment will be tough, and you may end up losing the position altogether.

  1. Poor body language

Regular eye contact, good posture, proper positioning of your arms and legs and a sincere smile are among the few gestures that interest interviewers. However, these cues are only possible to candidates who are not overconfident, nervous and tensed. Get relaxed during the interview and you will be amazed of how composed you will appear.

  1. Answering the mobile phones

Don’t be shocked. It happens and has happened in many interviews. Sometimes it may be unintentional especially when you get to the interview room with your phone switched on. Avoid the distraction by turning off the device a few minutes before the meeting starts. By answering your phone or taking it to disconnect a call that comes along, shows great disrespect to the interviewer. No employer is ready to have such an individual as part of their staff.

  1. Failing to inquire more about your job of interest

At the end of every interview, the interviewer gives the job seeker a chance to ask questions. In case the interviewer does not give you the opportunity, you can politely ask him to allow you a minute to inquire about the position. Take the moment you need to show how interested you are in the job. You can ask the employer to elaborate on a particular role about the job that you don’t clearly understand. Additionally, show the employer your willingness to start working by asking how soon the job needs to get started. However, remember to show professionalism other than over confidence.

  1. Bad-talking about a previous employer

Most job seekers fail on this one point. Respect to former employers cannot is paramount during a job interview. When the interviewer asks you why you are leaving the most current position, avoid the temptation of talking ill of the past employer even if you were laid off. Handle the topic in a professional way that can turn the negative experience to be your strong point. If you had hard times in your previous employment, explain how you handled the situation to overcome it. The interviewer will view you as a problem solver.

Finally, remember to do a thorough research about the hiring company before the interview date. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the employer asks you the company’s motto, and you only stare at him in dismay. Otherwise, heed to these points and thank me later when you secure the job.