All You Need To Know Regarding Recruitment Agencies

employment-agencyRecruitment agencies act as a medium between the employer and the job seeker. The agency’s primary role is to source for qualified individuals who are most suited for the advertised position and then recommend them to the organization.

How do the recruiting agencies work?

Recruiting firms follow a systematic process. The process begins with an organization sending the job description of the vacant position to the recruiting office. The company clearly states the particular posts and the level of qualifications they need for the various roles.

Secondly, the recruiting agency gets to its database and looks for individuals suited for the position. A careful and thorough scrutiny takes place through sorting the pool of resumes available. It is after this process that the agency draws a shortlist of qualified applicants who are ready for the interview. The recruiter then forwards the list to the organization seeking to fill the vacant position.

Finally, the organization selects their most preferred candidates and asks the recruiting agency to coordinate the interviews. Upon a successful interview, the job seeker secures the job.

How can I get the best from a recruiting agency?

Registering with a recruiting agency is not a guarantee that you will land your dream job. As much as the recruiter promises to help you, as a job seeker you need to play a part in securing the position.

  1. Create outstanding resumes.

Agencies filter candidates by their resumes quality. They will go for applicants who have relevant transferable skills and work experience. As a job seeker, you will need to tailor your resume to the specifications of the position you are you wish to secure. Having a professional help in the writing of this professional document will put you a step ahead of other applicants.

  1. Let your interview experience count.

You have probably heard of qualified individuals with A+ certificate but every time they go for an interview, they don’t succeed. Why? The problem could be with their interview techniques. Job seekers need to learn the basics conducting themselves during an interview. As much as it may seem obvious, you will need to learn what to wear on that day, the interview questions to expect, the possible responses to give and most importantly, listen carefully to the interviewers. No consultant loves to be asked to repeat what they just said to every question.

How can I avoid bad recruiters?

In a world where unemployment is on the rise among many qualified individuals, there is need to watch out for recruitment agencies that are there to scam the desperate job seekers. So, how can you spot a bad recruitment agency?

i. Never pay to get a job

Most job seekers fall victim of this one point. Sure enough, you may be desperate and need to secure a job soonest. However, scammers out there are well aware of this and hence ready to take advantage of your situation. The rule of the thumb is, never give money to secure a job. Most agencies deduct their fee from your first salary, and this is after you secure the job.

ii. The recruiters should be well versed with the position

A recruiter needs to be well knowledgeable about the job on offer. If you find one who by judging on their talk seems poorly versed with the position, avoid them like the plague. Consultants need to have all the information that pertains to a job posting to get the best candidates fit for the post.

iii.   Overconfidence

A recruiter should never swear to get you the job. They are just an intermediary. The final decision lies with the organization seeking employees.

Finally, Recruitment agencies are a better option for job seekers to have their resumes available to various recruiting companies within a short while. They will save you both time and hustles of having to drop the applications at different companies. However, to have a great experience with them, adherence to the above-discussed tips is mandatory.