Guide to Dropping out of Campus and Starting a Business

job2More and more young people are dropping out of college every day to start their businesses. For a long time now, the modern education is blamed for this continued trend among the younger generation. The institutions have made education to appear as a game for the smartest in academic knowledge, without considering the poor graspers in classroom content. In this guide, we look at the key reasons that make a student drop out and chase after their business dreams, be it startup business, mulching, freelancing, or whichever kind of venture.

  1. Skills are better than a degree

You will agree with me that the world needs productive skills other than mere academic credentials. Most desperate job seekers out there have the best college qualifications, yet the poor performers have already secured lucrative jobs. Why? Skills are way better than mere academic papers

  1.    The job market is a game of ‘who knows who’

You must have heard this phrase several times. Surprisingly, this is the absolute truth. Securing a job is determined by the people you know and those that you associate with. Therefore, instead of fighting hard to complete your college in flying colors, surround yourself with people who will inspire you and ready to offer a helping hand in the field you aspire.

  1. The world is going entrepreneurial

Formal education is slowly losing its importance. With great CEOs who are a result of college dropouts, the young people are viewing them as their role models. For instance, in the 2014 Forbes Billionaire list, it contained a rank of the 400 wealthiest individuals in the world. Amazingly, 63 of these people were college dropouts.

  1. The learned are still jobless

It is better to learn with other people’s experience other than waiting for your turn. The world is full of millions of unemployed individuals who are college graduates. Why should you go through several years of college education, only to join them in the league of unemployment? It would be worth dropping out of college and starting out that business that you feel that keeps pulling you. Who knows, shortly you might create employment to the classmates you left in school.

  1. Most notable people in the world are college dropouts.

The list of prominent people in the world who dropped out in college is quite large. Starting with Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft, Thomson Edison a great inventor of a range of products such as the light bulb and phonograph as well as Princess Diana, who dropped out at the age of 16, after being regarded a below average student.

Points to consider before dropping out of school

i. What do you want to do?

Don’t just quit college without a plan of what you want to do. Create a business plan of what you wish to achieve. Take an example of Bill Gates, he dropped out of Harvard to chase after his Computing interest and came up with the Microsoft Company.

ii. Talk it out with your support system

The college dropout topic is not as easy as many people think. You cannot just call it quits without informing your parents and the family in general. Never underestimate what your parents are capable of doing to your career life. With loads of life experience in their mind, they are in a position to help you see deep into your choices. You will be grateful that you informed them of your worries as they will support you both emotionally and financially.

iii.   What is your motivation?

Why do you want to quit school? I believe a factor that is not education related motivates you to pursue it. Understand that motivation pretty well and then call it quits to your college education.

Dropping out is not for everyone and not all that have dropped out of college are billionaires. You will need to think it over before making the crucial decision. Otherwise, you might find yourself back to school after a few years.