How to Prepare for an Interview and Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Job interviews provide a great avenue to grow your career. They are a platform through which a company determines whether or not to hire you. It is thus crucial to prepare well for your interview to ensure that you get the job.

Preparation for a job interview should cover physical, mental as well as emotional aspects. Physically, you must make efforts to appear presentable before your interviewing panel and also prepare all the material that you deem necessary for the interview. Mental preparations will entail researching about the organization and the job at hand while emotional preparations should include building your morale and esteem so that you can confidently face the panel.

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Interviews

Unfortunately, many people lose job opportunities because of avoidable mistakes. The list below expounds on seven critical mistakes that can cost you the career opportunity of your lifetime.

  1. Arriving late.

Punctuality is one of the essential habits for any successful career. You cannot afford to be late for your interview as this automatically creates a wrong impression and lowers your employability rates. You should, therefore, prepare yourself by going to sleep on time, picking out your clothes and arranging interview materials the night before. You also have to wake up early on your interview day and leave for your interview at the right time. Ultimately, you ought to do whatever you can to ensure that you arrive at the interview location, at least, fifteen minutes before the interview.

  1. Unpreparedness.

When you fail to carry out research about the company and the job you are being interviewed for, you instantly set yourself up for failure. This not only communicates your disinterest in the job and the company but also shows sloppiness and negligence on your part. Interviewers are usually quick to notice a lack of preparedness, and you, therefore, have to research and practice for your interview beforehand.

  1. Improper dressing.

The current world is by nature, very superficial and your mode of dressing may create a strong or weak first impression. While not all companies may require you to dress formally for your interview, it is best to ensure that you look presentable and clean during your interview.

  1. Badmouthing your company and colleagues.

Many interviewers nowadays seek recruits who are capable of handling conflict in an effective manner. They will thus ask you about strenuous work experiences, and the worst mistake you can make in this case is to talk ill of your former or current employer or colleagues. Doing this exhibits disloyalty, which is a trait that no company wants in their employees.

  1. Avoiding salary discussions.

Money talk is one of the inevitable topics in any interview. Although it is an awkward subject, you should not avoid it or skirt around the subject when asked about current and expected remuneration. Instead, you ought to conduct research and establish the salary rates offered by the organization so that you do not quote too high or too low during your interview.

  1. Confidence issues.

While the lack of confidence is commonly known to be a problem during interviews, overconfidence is also not a favorable trait to display before a panel. Lack of confidence usually raises questions concerning your capability to perform the job while overconfidence raises concerns over your ability to fit into the organization and work well with your colleagues. You must, therefore, strive to balance your confidence levels.

  1. Not asking questions.

In most cases, the last question in an interview directs the interviewee to ask the panel any question. Failing to ask questions may be perceived as a sign of disinterest and nonchalance. You must, therefore, prepare questions beforehand.

Interviews do determine your eligibility for employment, and you thus have to take them seriously. By using the tips for interview preparation and avoiding the mistakes discussed above, you will increase your chances of doing well in your job interview.